True Seating Ergo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter, Black

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Say goodbye to neck and back pain with this innovative standing desk converter. The modern work from home professional knows the discomfort of staying seated at a too-small desk, hunched over the computer screen for hours and days on end. Energize your work life with an ergonomically designed stand up desk converter, taking your work setup from sitting to standing in moments. The dual gas lift takes all of the work out of the conversion, with enough space to hold your monitor or laptop, along with a lower tray for your keyboard and mouse. Choose between black or white desktops to fit this convenient product smoothly into your home office decor.

  • Transform any desk into an ergonomic sit-stand workstation. Adjusts from 5-1/2" to 19-3/4" inches height.
  • Upgrade your home office desk or kitchen table to easily organize a variety of monitor, laptop, and keyboard setups.
  • Easily adjust from standing to sitting in a computer chair without interrupting workflow.
  • Desktop supports up to 33 lbs.
  • Heavy duty components ensure minimal effort when adjusting desk height.